The work area is located northeast of Ravenna, precisely within the city industrial port.

This area is part of a wetlands system called “Pialassa”. The lands, which characterize the area, are a sort of lagoons connected with the sea and in this case the connection is achieved by Candiano canal and the harbour mouth.

The site construction is located within of the area of the Ravenna’s industrial port. During the construction phases all the industrial activities, as the vessels transit, the berthing and mooring procedures, the loading and unloading of goods, have been guaranteed without restrictions or interruptions.

The intervention area is divided into two different parts, briefly described here below:

  • Port Area: it extends along the west side adjoining the existing industrial wharf, delimited by Piombone canal;
  • Valley Area: it is a part of Pialassa area; this area is subjected to territorial landscape restrictions.

The project includes the following interventions:

  • Colacem quay strengthening aimed at deepening the design seabed level from -30.8 ft to -39.4 ft from mean sea level;
  • A new port quay construction, the so called “ex area carni” quay, with a planimetric development about 984 ft and design seabed level about -37.8 ft from mean sea level.;
  • Dredging process carried out by self-loading motorship to deepen Ravenna canal port seabed up to a depth level about -30.9 ft from mean sea level;
  • Realization of a soil embankment with a planimetric development about 1.55 mi aimed at separating the Valley area from the Port area physically;
  • Environmental arrangement of the Valley area of the Pialassa including: Realization of “barene”, which are areas of salty wetland; Realization of hydraulic control structures (Venetian gates and Vinciane gates) used for the sea flow regulation and the water overflow from the Valley area towards the industrial canal. One of the hydraulic structures is of particular relevance, because provides a navigation gate suitable for the transit of small vessels.

Structure strengthening designed to increase the seabed depth from a level about -31.2 ft from mean sea level up to a level about -39.4 ft from mean sea level, is obtained by means of pre-stressed tie rods. In the specific case the bulb anchoring of the tie rods (foundation element) was carried out by means of jet-grouting technology.

Piacentini Ingegneri has developed the final design.

Ravenna, Italy

City, Country

Port Authority of Ravenna


2011– 2012



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