The highway Cispadana originates from the need to gather and meet social, economic and environmental aspects of Provinces and Municipalities, which are located in the Emilia corridor parallel to the river Po , between Ferrara and Parma. The Regional Highway Cispadana is a new infrastructure which connects the A22 to exit Reggiolo – Rolo barrier on the A13 Ferrara South , answering the mobility demand of the NorthEastern region of the territory mobility. Cispadana is the first  regional highway in Emilia – Romagna regional.

Technical data:

  • Highway Total Length : 65km
  • Design speed : 90 – 140km / h
  • Roadway type : road type A – suburban
  • Section : two lanes in each direction plus an emergency lane

Piacentini Ingegneri has developed the final design of the highway route and of several related structures, road planning of the motorway junctions, interconnection and service areas, road design and structural underpass municipal and provincial road conditions interfered with the axis motorway junctions and interconnections;

Final design:

  • 2 service areas
  • 2 interconnections and 6 road junctions
  • 4 tunnels
  • 1 connection to Reggiolo – Rolo
  • 15 underpass road caught
  • 5 underpass junction and interconnection
  • 5 of wildlife passages
  • Hydraulic works
  • Retaining structures
  • Pedestrian paths, farm roads connecting rural
  • Stands portals signage and installations, signs and road markings

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