Highway Brescia-Bergamo-Milan is a new highway, which is part of the new integrated infrastructure system in Lombardy Region (Northern Italy) and it allows to
travel faster and safer. Controlled-access Highway, 5 provinces and 43 municipalities involved, 8 toll barriers, 12 grade separated junctions, 4 service areas, one
maintenance center and one operational center, telecommunications system, traffic control system, travel information system and meteorological data detection

Piacentini Ingegneri has developed the executive project and technical support to the constructio of 25.1 Km of the highway route and related structures:
• N. 4 road infrastructure interconnections
• Secondary roads
• Gallery artificial Treviglio: a length of 465m, constituted by a structure in reinforced concrete in the tubes of equal internal clear width equal to 18.50 x
7.00m apt to accommodate each a motorway carriageway
• Underpasses of BreBeMi
• Underpass of railway High Capacity
• N. 120 hydraulic crossover (sizes 2.00×2.00m and 6.00×3.00m)
• Viaduct Muzza: structure with steel and concrete, two lights of 43.00m each
• Viaduct on the main deck with reinforced concrete pre-stressed;
• Supporting walls;
• Noise barriers
• System arrangement and signage

Brescia-Bergamo-Milano, Italy

City, Country

Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde


2011– 2012



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