The construction site is located within the Ravenna industrial port. During the construction phases all the industrial activities, as the vessels transit, the berthing and mooring procedures, the loading and unloading of goods, have been guaranteed without restrictions or interruptions.

The project has been designed, developed and realized to solve specific issues such as:

  • Deepening of channel sea bed up to -51 feet from medium sea level.
  • Reduction of displacements and deformations of the soil-structure complex, because of the presence of road and residential buildings just behind the quay platform.
  • Very complex urban context, which leads to a small available area for the retaining structure realization.

In order to overcome these issues, an innovative trestle structure has been designed and carried out, exceeding the classical concept of vertical retaining wall.

In detail, the structure consists in a main steel combination wall, inclined by 15° respect to the vertical towards the channel side. The main combination wall is 37 yards long and it is composed by steel piles with a diameter of 56 inches and variable thickness, combined with sheet pile elements.

The main combination wall is constrained at the top by steel anchor piles, having an inclination of 15° respect to the vertical towards the land side. The steel piles are 38.2 yards long, 9 feet spaced and they are characterized by a diameter of 20 inches and variable thickness.

The main combination wall and the anchor piles are connected at the top by a massive reinforced concrete beam, of which weight plays a key role in guaranteeing the stability of the structure.

Porto Corsini, Ravenna, Italy

City, Country

Port Authority of Ravenna


2005/2006 – Built




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